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      家園共育,攜手同行School-family, mutual cooperation



      In order to give full play to the role of the PTA in the development of our kindergarten, to realize the effective way of home co-education, Cadalin Preschool held a PTA meeting for the new semester of 2020-2021 academic year on October 16th .



      The meeting was presided over by the Principal. She firstly introduced our school management team and their responsibilities. Then, the members of family committee were invited to get to know each other and a simple and solemn appointment ceremony was held.



      During the meeting, the Principal summarized and reported the first five-year achievement of Cadalin Preschool since its opening in 2015, introduced the development of the kindergarten and relevant measures for the construction of teachers. Also hear the opinions and suggestions from the PTAs.



      Principal Mary and Supervisor Avery of English Dept. introduced the implementation of the two special courses to the PTSs. At last, Principal Jojo showed all the details of the logistics management of the kindergarten, and led everyone to "approach" the kindergarten's every details in the form of PPT.


      We firmly believe that with the full support and cooperation of the new family committee, the work of the kindergarten will go to a new level. We will surely make new achievements in the next five years!