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      美語歌唱比賽圓滿落幕The English sing&chant competition has successfully concluded.

      The English sing&chant competition has successfully concluded.


      The English department at Cadalin kindergarten awarded the class and teachers who won the English “Sing & Chant” competition on April 16th .



      During the week,the teachers and children all competed against each other.The results were based on the judgement of over ten individuals.After 3 long days of singing and chanting ,the winner for A,B and C group were decided as well as the special award for an excellent performance.


      樓層冠軍: 北二樓, Ethan, Matthew, Cameron, Georgie

      A/B 組冠軍:  和平家 Matthew 

      C 組冠軍: 智慧家 Martin 

      C 組特別獎: 美德家(新班) Mark 

      The Results

      Best team: Teacher Ethan, Teacher Matthew, Teacher Cameron and Teacher Georgie from 2nd floor,North building

      Champion of group A/B: Peace class  Teacher Matthew 

      Champion of group C: Wisdom class  Teacher Martin  

      Excellent performance: Virtue class  Teacher Mark