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      官方微信 官方微博


      In November 2019, AMS (American Montessori association) headquarters in New York officially approved "Cadalin Global Education" as AMS authorized teachers’ training center.


       Cadalin Global Education teachers’ training center has a complete kindergarten curriculum training system for 0-6 years old, which can be divided into two stages: 0-3 years old and 3-6 years old. Our comprehensive and practical curriculum is developed on the basis of the integration of Montessori theory. Under the Cadalin education group, there are a number of Montessori schools providing teachers to complete their internships and jobs for teachers who perform well during their internships.


       Since the establishment of our first kindergarten in Taiwan in 1999, we have been exploring in Wuxi for nearly 12 years. During this period, we have had a continuous stream of educational colleagues from Taiwan to mainland China, and now officials, teachers and scholars from neighboring countries in Asia Pacific.


       Over the years, Cadalin’s practical experience has been recognized by many parties. At present, there are two member schools of Montessori Association of America in Wuxi. In 2019, Cadalin passed the evaluation of Wuxi high quality schools and the re evaluation of Jiangsu high quality schools. This achievement is inseparable from the guidance and care led by Wuxi Education Department. Cadalin also took root in Wuxi and created a Chinese Montessori education Learning new environment, we continue to promote the harmonious development of children in the inheritance and perception, which is a model of the perfect integration of Montessori education and Chinese education. Experts commented that "Cadalin is a very representative Montessori School in  China".