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      【畢業生小學初體驗】Experience the primary school classroom and life.


      從幼兒園進入小學學習,是孩子成長中的一個重要轉折。為了更好地做好幼小銜接工作,滿足即將畢業的大班孩子對小學生活的探知愿望,幫助他們更全面、直觀地了解小學,以積極的心態迎接小學生活。2019年3月中旬,嘉德琳幼兒園組織全體大班幼兒參觀了無錫市協和雙語國際學校。 Entering primary school from kindergarten is an important transition in children's growth. In order to let our graduate kids explore the desire and help them more comprehensive, intuitive understanding of the primary school, to meet the primary school life with a positive attitude. Cadalin Preschool organized all the graduate kids to visit Wuxi Union Bilingual International School. 踏進校園,身邊的一切都讓孩子們感到新鮮。大家興奮不已,問題不斷,“哥哥姐姐的教室和我們的一樣嗎?他們中午也在學校睡覺嗎?”……帶隊老師細心的講解著我們今天的體驗行程,孩子們個個都聚精會神地聽著、看著。


      Stepping into the campus, our kids feel fresh with everything around them. People were excited and asked, "Are my brother's and sister's classrooms the same as ours? Do they sleep at school at noon, too?...the lead teacher carefully explained to them, the children are all listening, watching attentively. 帶著疑問和好奇心,在老師的帶領下,小朋友們首先來

      到小學教室,體驗小學的課堂與生活。 With questions and curiosity, under the guidance of the teacher, the children first came to the primary school classroom to experience the primary school classroom and life. 當孩子們親自坐在一年級的教室里,體驗哥哥姐姐上課,各個激動不已。課堂上孩子們認真聽講、積極舉手、專心學習的模樣給老師留下了深刻的印象。

      Our children listen carefully, raise their hands actively and concentrate on their study. 隨后老師帶領著孩子們參觀校園,觀看學校的整體校貌——教學樓、圖書館、游泳館、食堂等各處,最后來到了操場,任由孩子們奔跑游戲。 Then the teacher led the children to visit the campus, watching the school's overall appearance -- teaching building, library, swimming pool, canteen and other places, finally came to the playground, let the children run games.



      從孩子們羨慕和向往的眼神,看得出他們已經對做一名小學生充滿了期待。 From the children's envy and yearning eyes, it can be seen that they have to do a primary school students are full of expectations. 短短一上午的參觀,讓孩子們受益匪淺。通過這次參觀小學的活動,使孩子們零距離了解了小學,對小學的環境、上課流程、上課常規等有了初步的認識,孩子們全面深切地感受到小學生活與幼兒園生活的不同,激發了孩子們爭做一名光榮小學生的向往之情。祝福他們,在不久的將來,都能背上小書包,踏著自信從容的步伐走進新校園開始新生活! The short morning visit ends up happily, through this visit to the primary school activities, so that the children zero distance to understand the primary school, the primary school environment, class procedures, routines, etc. have a preliminary understanding, the children fully and deeply feel the difference between primary school life and kindergarten life, inspired the children to strive to be a glorious primary school students yearning. Bless them, in the near future; they will enter Primary with confidence and easy pace into the new campus to start a new life!